Mbini Etembue Cogo [M]


We travel to Mbini, is located at the mouth of Benito River. The river landscape here is dominated by the Chinese-built suspension bridge which stretches 800m over the river, linking the southern portion of the coastline to Bata. The bridge is a sight to behold, especially at night when it is often lit up, but be careful taking photographs as bridges are designated ‘strategic sites’.

From Mbini we drive to Etembue where we can visit the remains of an old Spanish logging operation.

Then we drive to Cogo, is located at the mouth of the Muni River, surrounded by the Reserva Natural del Estuario del Rio Muni. The government hopes to make Cogo a commercial and tourism hub in the area and it is expanding rapidly. The redevelopment of the waterfront is already underway and it is clear that the walkway by the town’s market is intended to a smaller version of the Paseo Maritimo in Bata. On a clear day you can see all the way across the river to Gabon.


  • About eight hours tour
  • Day tour
  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel
  • Driver/guide available speaking Spanish or French
  • Tourist Permit

Prices per person:

275.000XAF 165.000XAF 130.000XAF