Biao Lake [B]


Located on the great volcanic mountain, south of the island of Bioko. Moka, small village, was named after a king who reigned in the nineteenth century and resided in Riaba. Moka Lake or Biao Lake is located in an ancient crater, served as a sanctuary to the high priest of the Bubis. Upon arrival to Moka we will hike to Biao Lake, during the trek and if we are lucky, we may see some different species of primates that exist in the Lake area. On arrival to the lake, time to enjoy its beauty. The trekking is a excursion through the woods with a combination of plains, ferns and trees. The more adventuous can walk from the crater to the edge of the lake.


  • Hike time: 3/4hours to the viewpoint or 4/5hours to the lake
  • Hike distance: 10 km
  • It is not a particularly difficult path but it is a steady climb up to the crater.
  • Day tour
  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel
  • Driver/guide available speaking Spanish, English or French and local guide for hiking.
  • Tourist Permit


  • Tourist Permit
  • Driver-Guide
  • Private car with a/c
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • 5 hours trek up to the lake with Moka guide

Prices per person:

265.000XAF 155.000XAF 120.000XAF 100.000XAF