Travel agency

Travel Agencies or Companies

We operate around the territory of Equatorial Guinea: Bioko Island, the mainland, the island of Corisco and the island of Annobon. If you represent a travel agency or a wholesaler and are looking for some tours, excursions, etc. in Equatorial Guinea, we are the perfect complement.

If you are a Company we can arrange for you: international or domestic flights, translators, accomodation, transfers and car rental.

Our service is unique in Equatorial Guinea, both customer service and the possibilities we offer.

For further information please contact us through any of the contact details that appear in the footer of this website or by using the contact form found in the contact section

What do we offer?

  • The best customer service in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Easy booking processes.
  • Useful contact and efficient to answer all your questions.
  • The tours can be conducted under its trade name if necessary .
  • Custom Rates.
  • We have all the licenses and authorizations, your customers will always be covered.
  • Guided full packages (accommodation, transfers, guided tours and domestic flights -if necessary-).